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Proposals for new words


  • en: Asturias
  • sense: region in Spain
  • ast: Asturies
  • ast-ipa: /asˈtuɾjes/, [as̪ˈt̪u.ɾjes]
  • es: Asturias
  • es-ipa: /asˈtuɾjas/, [asˈt̪u.ɾjas]

Added from this list: Andora ‘Andorra’, Argentina ‘Argentina’, Bolibia ‘Bolivia’, Brasil ‘Brazil’, Cile ‘Chile’, Ekwador ‘Ecuador’, Doicelan ‘Germany’, Galisia ‘Galicia’, Katalunya ‘Catalonia’, Kolombia ‘Colombia’, Korea ‘Korea’, Paragwai ‘Paraguay’, Peru ‘Peru’, Portugal ‘Portugal’, Urugwai ‘Uruguay’.


  • en: Papiamento, Papiamentu
  • sense: the language
  • pap: Papiamento, Papiamentu
  • en-ipa: /ˌpɑːpiəˈmɛntoʊ/, /ˌpɑːpiəˈmɛntuː/
  • en: Asturian
  • sense: of or relating to the region of Asturias
  • sense: of or relating to the people of Asturias
  • sense: of or relating to the Asturian language
  • sense: the language
  • ast: asturianu
  • ast-ipa: /astuˈɾjanu/, [as̪.t̪uˈɾ]

Added from this list: argentini ‘Argentine, Argentinian (adjective)', hindi ‘Hindi’, katalan ‘Catalan’ (adjective), portuges ‘Portuguese (adjective)', urdu ‘Urdu’.


  • en: Daoism
  • sense: religion
  • en: Daoist
  • sense: A person adhering to Buddhism

Added from this list: budisme / iman budi ‘Buddhism’, Islam ‘Islam’, hindisme / iman hindu ‘Hinduism’, hindu ‘Hindu’, jain ‘Jain’, jainisme / iman jain ‘Jainism’, jen budi ‘Buddhist (person)', jen mormoni ‘Mormon (believer)', kristi ‘Christian (adjective)', kristisme ‘Christianity’, mormonisme ‘Mormonism’, muslim ‘Muslim’, yehudi ‘Jew, Jewish’, yehudisme ‘Judaism’.

From "Hills Like White Elephants" (E. Hemingway)

In order of appearance:

  • en: felt
  • sense: cloth made of matted fibres of wool
  • en: country
  • sense: the country, rural area, as opposed to the town or city
  • en: prove
  • sense: to demonstrate that something is true; to give proof for
  • en: paint
  • sense: substance
  • sense: to apply paint to
  • en: licorice
  • sense: plant
  • sense: confection
  • en: especially
  • sense: particularly
  • en: wait
  • sense: delay until some event
  • en: await
  • sense: transitive: to wait for
  • en: absinthe
  • sense: herb Artemisia absinthium
  • sense: liquor
  • en: amuse
  • sense: to entertain or occupy in a pleasant manner
  • en: all right
  • sense: used to affirm, indicate agreement, or consent (1)
  • en: okay
  • sense: acknowledgement or acceptance
  • en: suppose
  • sense: conclude; believe
  • en: mean
  • sense: to convey, indicate
  • en: skin
  • sense: outer protective of the body of a person or animal
  • en: through
  • sense: from one side of an opening to the other

Added from this list: aliki ‘hang’, bambu ‘bamboo’, bar ‘bar, pub’, bir ‘beer’, bisu ‘bead’, elefan ‘elephant’, estasion ‘station’, estra ‘extra-, outside’, glas ‘glass (for drinking)', inin ‘shadow, shade’, inter ‘inter-, (now also) between, among’, jen emeriki ‘American, U.S. American (person)', kombin ‘combine, join’, kombineria ‘junction’, komonte ‘hill’, korde ‘string, cord, rope’, korten ‘curtain’, kostruin ‘building, edifice’, leta ‘bring’, linya ‘line’, mat glas ‘coaster’, mesa ‘table’, minut ‘minute’, muxa ‘fly (insect)', por ‘for (a certain duration)', prebeni ‘prevent, forestall, prevention’, rel ‘rail’, tinji ‘stop, halt’, topi ‘hat’, tren ‘train’, wadi ‘valley’, webaca ‘girl (child)', weka ‘put, place’, yujen ‘youth, child’, yuwanita ‘young woman, girl’.

From "De Tunkrüper" (W. Wisser)

In order of appearance:

  • en: intimidated
  • sense: subjected to intimidation
  • nds: verschüchtert
  • en: bogeyman
  • sense: menacing, ghost-like monster in children’s stories
  • nds: Bumann
  • en: wait
  • sense: delay until some event
  • nds: tọ̈f
  • en: after
  • sense: behind
  • nds: nạ
  • en: corner
  • sense: point where two converging lines meet
  • sense: space in the angle between converging lines or walls
  • nds: Eck
  • en: lion
  • sense: big cat Panthera leo
  • nds: Löw
  • en: back
  • sense: the rear of body
  • nds: Rüch
  • en: scold
  • sense: rebuke
  • nds: Schell’n
  • en: care
  • sense: to be concerned about
  • nds: kêhrt

Added from this list: garaje ‘garage (place where cars are stored)' (Wạgenschur), neste ‘nest’ (Neß), troglodit ‘wren’ (Tunkrüper), xie tem ‘some time, (a) while’ (Titlang).

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