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Authors and acknowledgments

The main creator and maintainer of Lugamun is Christian Siefkes. You can reach him per email at or on Reddit as Christian_Si.

The Lugamun logo and flag were designed by Zowoky.

Helpful contributions and suggestions have come from many people in this wiki, on Discord and on Reddit, among them braien, Chabi, Dobridenský, ellipsis, erjish, HydroCyaNide, Hyperr, ʻlulus-motfelis, pluntert (Dirk-Jan), Robdolf, seweli, trosel, and xadrezo.

Our thanks also go to the creators and users of the constructed languages Belter Creole (Nick Farmer), Elefen (C. George Boeree and Simon Davies), Esperanto (Ludwik L. Zamenhof), Novial (Otto Jespersen), and Toki Pona (Sonja Lang), all of which have influenced Lugamun in some way or other.

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